De Minimus

This is a quick trip, under 72 hours total, from 4:30am Mon until about 7pm Weds. I am not bringing much beyond a long sleeve t-shirt and Gerbings gear for the early morning departures each day and my normal road kit of tire inflation/repair pack, zip-ties, duct tape, etc. I now keep that stuff in my old fork bag, strapped to the left side of the Tiger like a mini-pannier.
bagIn my top box is my old Chase Harper tank bag purchased new by catalog in the mid-1990s. It doesn’t really need to go on the tank so it is now either a tail bag when solo riding or a top box-inner bag when 2-up. In the Chase Harper bag: tire pressure gauges, padlock, heavy bike lock, ear plugs, assorted straps, bungees, cargo net bag, rags, and for this trip a couple of chargers, my Flip camera and mount and the GoPro camera for the Dragon and Cherohala Skyway.IMG_20130905_173526_653

I also carry a clear face shield for night riding, the Gerbing’s jacket liner, gloves and controller, as well as the bike manual, insurance info,full rain suit and sneakers. The top box is 52 liters and holds a lot of gear.

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