Slab riding-

While slab riding is typically reserved for ‘getting there’ or ‘getting home’ and is the case for us this time as well, if you’re in unfamiliar parts, you can try to turn into a somewhat more interesting experience.  Andrew and I had a few misfires on last year’s Tail trip as the BBQ place I had sought out was not only closed down, but we rolled into a sketchy part of town to find it and hightailed it out of there to my first Red Robin.  This time I will find something in advance.  To help with the long stretches of open throttle I bought one of these just after the Minuteman 1000.  I have used it on the last Tail run and a trip to Florida last March and it really makes a difference when you have even a minute or two of relief from the throttle.  I have the 1″ from the Bonneville’s handlebar size but put a rubber band over it so it is fine for the Tiger’s 7/8″ bars.

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