Day 2:




We got rolling a little bit late, about 8:30, and didn’t arrive at the Dragon until about 12:15.  We pulled into the Deal’s Gap motorcycle resort and picked up our obligatory stickers, patches, and pins.  Since we hadn’t eaten since the 6am toast in the hotel lobby, we went in for some of their awesome barbecue.


Brisket ‘Carolina’ sammy.

The Dragon was relatively empty, no patrol cars, and probably only 5 to 10 small groups of bikers. We pulled out onto Route 129 and rode the Dragon.  I had warned Andre to take it easy on the curves especially when we went back because of the floorboards that his Harley has often dig into the road and snap off or worse. There is one rising hill especially where it looks like Wolverine scratched up the road; there are large ruts and repairs in the surface from floorboards digging in hard and fast. As it was with me behind him filming, I still managed to scuff both of my boots pretty good and even had one get kicked up off of the ground when I got real low.


Dragonslayers honor signatures.

After we made the second pass we continued right on down the rest of Route 129, and took a right on to the legendary Cherohala Skyway. As we rose towards 4,000 feet, we entered the cloud layer and got covered in a fine mist. This lasted for about the middle 20 miles of the 50 mile Skyway. We exited the Skyway and turn back on to the highways to be getting on the 3 hour ride back to the hotel. Everything went fine and we took it easy keeping our pace today very obedient. We got back to the hotel about an hour after sunset, and had dinner again at Cracker Barrel.

image After today’s 500 miles, our trip mileage is now 1,136 with 581 tomorrow to get home. The new Tiger went past the 7,500 miles mark today.

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