Nutmeg 400-registration still on

Registration is still open but will likely close today.  By Weds nite, we’ll get an email from the Rallymaster containing uploadable GPS coordinates with point values but not too many details.  This way we can plan most of the route but may need to make changes Friday night when the dreaded addendum is handed out at the Rider’s Meeting.

So far: BMW 33, Ducati 2, Harley-Davidson 3, Honda 7, Kawasaki 2, Suzuki 3, Triumph 8, Yamaha 3.  Total: 61.  Total w/ PAX: 68.

I am always amazed that folks rally 2-up.  It is no surprise that BMW is so prominent; 1) they invented the hi-end dual-sport class, and 2)the sponsor is MAX BMW.  It is worth noting the inroad the Tiger 800 and XC have made into the class.  6 of the RATs are Tigers (5 800 or XC and a 1050) plus a Sprint and an America.

This is an AMA-sanctioned event and the Rallymaster, Rob Nye, is a well-established IBA writer, rallymaster, and rider.  He recently joined the MAX BMW sales team.

Image         Image

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