Nutmeg 400 plan

Here is my plan for Saturday’s Nutmeg 400:

We start at the most southern point, the left of the two lower points, at Max BMW in South Windsor, CT.  I head 3 hours north just a little west of Lake George, NY and collect an answer on a sign at the church here.  I then head south towards Albany and grab an answer off a sign at the Fire Dept, about 90 minutes away.  Then a quick run across to Troy, NY for some more answers, and stop for the big points bonus at the Max BMW in Hoosick (Troy), NY.  This is a lunch break and 45 minute stop for the largest points bonus of the day (thus meaning you cannot win w/o it, thus making it basically a mandatory rest stop).

That should put me back heading south around 2pm for a stop at Rein’s NY Deli and one other bonus near the finish.  If I am really doing well, I have added 3 more possible bonus pick-ups near the finish.  I come out with about 420 miles, another bonus for going over 400.

ImageThe totals as of this morning, 48 hours until the start: BMW 39, Ducati 2, Harley-Davidson 3, Honda 8, Kawasaki 2, Suzuki 3, Triumph 8, Yamaha 3:

Total 68 (Total w PAX 75)

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