Day 1:

I had a late start out of New York, leaving about 7:15am and took 40 minutes for the first 20 miles.  Entering PA, things loosened up and I made good time to the north entrance of Skyline Drive in Front Royal, VA.  That was 305 miles in five hours and I now had a leisurely 105 miles til the motel.


20 miles into the Drive the clouds exploded and there was no pull-over for me to get my rain gear on before I was fully drenched.  75 soaking miles later, I am once again blow-drying gear in a cruddy hotel.
Tomorrow an insane storm is hitting,

so I am grabbing a car at Hertz here in VA, leaving the bike there, and driving to FL & back to here!  Booooo!  But sense wins here; I would be riding right down the eastern red tornado zone-its not worth the risk.

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