Bear on Skyline Drive

I took the rental thru the storm the next morning and got into Tally later that night. Five days later, commencement ceremonies over, I drove it back. The bike was fine, and off I went up Skyline Drive. Even tho it was technically the 9th day since my 7 Day Ticket was purchase, the cool Ranger waved me in-

I was mostly alone, lots of sport/tourers passing me in groups as well as a bagger group. I was hovering about 10 mph over and these groups were doing 55-65. I tagged one for a mile or two, but just didn’t want to get busted.

As I came towards the final 20 miles northbound, down ambles a largish bear, pauses for a beat in the road, and continues down the embankment. The fisheye lens of the GoPro makes it look far away, but it was MUCH closer in real life…

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