Vincent and Ariel, fresh with enthusiasm from their Saddle Sore 1000 ride this spring, have rallied the local RATs for a BB1500; 1,500 miles in under 36 hours.  After some discussion, we are heading into New England, right up to the Canadian border to Caribou, Maine and back.  Our route makes two giant triangles around New England.  Day One is Saturday September 27 and we depart from Checkpoint 1, the Mobil in the middle of the Hutchinson Parkway in White Plains at 5am.  We head north east on the highways to get some mileage under our belts and approach New Hampshire’s White Mountains.  We hop on the Kankamagus Highway via Bear Notch Rd, two terrific biking routes.  As we come around the White Mtns clockwise, we continue east on quiet Rt 2, which was part of my Saddle Sore 1000.  We turn north on 95 in Augusta and spend 4-5 hours heading north into the very NE corner of the United States.  The last motel in the corner is the Crown Park Inn, which also is used in other IBA events like the Four Corners Rally.

The Complete 1,500:

Full Route

Full Route

Day 1:

900 miles, 17 hours, 5am-10pm.

900 miles, 17 hours, 5am-10pm.

Day 2:

600 miles, 10 hours, 5am-3pm.

600 miles, 10 hours, 5am-3pm.

The Route

The route is 1,501 miles on Google Maps, but we expect to go over with all the gas stops and an occasional wrong turn or two. It gives us enough time to take as long as 20 minutes per gas stop for food and rest rooms, though we won’t need 20 min every time. Most of us are on bikes with a range in the 200-miles area but we have planned our route with stops for gas in the 140-170 miles range for safety. We hope to have a total of 6-7 hours rest in the motel, approximately 10:30pm-4:30am. We need to be back on the road by 5am in case there is Sunday traffic returning to the NYC area in the late afternoon, as we are due back to the Mobil we originated from by Sunday 5pm.

We are going to do this the final weekend in September, hoping for dry weather in the 60F range and some nice leaf colors possibly.

Which bikes are going along?  My Tiger 800, Matt and Chris each are taking their Tiger 1050, Andrew and Vincent are on well-modded Bonnevilles, and Ariel on his Vulcan 900:


2008 Bonneville T100 (cafe’d)


2009 Bonneville SE


2010 Tiger 1050

2008 Tiger 1050 (orange)

2008 Tiger 1050

2013 Tiger 800

2013 Tiger 800

Kawasaki Vulcan 900

2008 Kawasaki Vulcan 900




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