Florida Trip #2

As noted above, I scheduled two visits to Tally this year; the first one was a bit of a washout so I am hoping for better/different weather in 2 days when I return to the Panhandle to help Max move.  I won’t pick the route until the night before based on the weather.

I am taking almost nothing so I won’t need the Great Basin large bag, just the top box. I may even return with my old Bonneville saddlebags that I loaned to Max but he never used:


They are the Tourmaster Cruiser III (XL) and not great but I might make use of them occasionally.  I do not have or want to install pannier rails, so I have to see if the leather tool bag on the left and the heat shield on the right meet the bags correctly to offer a little support.  Alternatively, I can strap them to the top of the pillion seat.  Or this:


I would never do that, of course.

I have the opportunity of making a second SaddleSore 1000 on these runs; it is 1,100 miles exactly from my house to my sister’s house in Tally.  All slab, 95 south to Jacksonville then 10 west. Google maps shows it as 16 hours moving time, more than enough to use the other eight hours for the five gas breaks (@200, 400, 600, 800, & 1,000 miles) and come in about 20 hours with possible traffic.

I can take a break every other stop which seems to be my normal pace; a 30 minute rest every 5-6 hours.  The addition of the Bell modular helmet IMG_5573%20(640x556) and the Camelback stops me from needing to chug liquid every gas stop, which not really helpful to staying hydrated anyway.  I can flip the front up a lower (-45mph) and take sips from the Camelback.  Since I will be mostly at highway speeds, I do this in traffic and approaches to toll gates, on/off ramps, etc.  I picked up Dr. Don Arthur’s great article on touring and fatigue during my Minuteman 1000 rally and read it as part of any trip’s planning.  It will depend on the weather; a poor forecast with light to moderate rain might be the reason to keep moving and log another Saddle Sore.  If it is a beautiful forecast, I’d take 3-4 days and do the Skyline Dr-BRP route.



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