Trip Prep

GB 2

Once again I have loaded up the Giant Loop Great Basin, the Triumph top box, and my 20 year-old Chase Harper tank bag. I will be out 7 nights, 2 in a HoJo’s along the Maine highway as I head up and back, and 5 nights tenting in Nova Scotia and Cape Breton. The big bag has the sleeping bag, blanket, some clothes & camping gear.


The tank bag has all bike supplies like air gauges and quarters, rags, zip ties, bungee cords, flashlights, spare clips and straps, a tire plug kit with CO2 cartridges & more.IMG_20130905_173526_653

On the frame above the chain guard hangs a tool bag with cans of both WD-40 and chain lube, toothbrushes & duct tape.


The tent is a Kaufland 2-person, $35 Amazon find but rolls small and was very roomy for me alone last month even with a lot of gear brought inside. It is also very warm and I never got inside the sleeping bag in New Hampshire’s mountains and even had to take off the top vent cover it was so warm. It will do nicely in Canada for the 5 tenting nights.image

Andrew is leaving this morning to take a leisurely ride north through the White Mountains, into Maine and then to Prince Edward Island.

I will leave in two days and meet him in 4 days around Amherst, NS, the first town in NS after coming from New Brunswick. I will skip PEI this time and we’ll go to Cape Breton for most of the trip.

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