Day 1:

Andrew set out very early from Queens sending me this photograph at 7am:


By dinner time, he was checked in to this fine hospitality venue, 50 yards from the Canadian border crossing:


That’s about 600 miles for the day, a very long day by any standards, and especially since Andrew took a more leisurely road along the coast instead of the highways.  Meanwhile, my motorcycle insurance company really let me down. To enter Canada you must have a specially issued Canadian insurance identification card, that is basically our regular insurance ID card except written in French. I called them last Wednesday afternoon, requested the Canadian card, they told me it should be here by Friday, which it wasn’t.  Unfortunately, yesterday, 36 hours to departure, an envelope arrives with my regular New York State Insurance ID card.  I called Progessive, about 4 in the afternoon, and over a 30 minute phone call where they listened to the phone call from the prior week, they admitted that it was their mistake, and they would overnight me the correct Canadian card. Unfortunately again, FedEx cutoff at Progressive Insurance is 2pm, two and a half hours earlier. The bottom line is my card may arrive as early as Wednesday morning at 10am or as late as 4.  If it arrives before 2pm, I will hop on the bike and ride up to northern Maine. If it is not here by 2, I will lose a day of my trip, and only have 3 days in Nova Scotia instead of 4.  To Be Continued!

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