NY-Calais, ME

Great news! At 10:57 a.m. Tuesday my Canadian insurance card arrived from Progressive, even though they explained very carefully that it would not arrive on Tuesday and could only arrive on Wednesday. Haha! I was able to depart on time this morning at 6:15 from Manhattan and rode 540 miles through mostly beautiful weather over ten and a half hours to arrive 48 hours behind Andrew on the border of Maine & Canada:




This duck was waiting for me in a Hampton Inn in Lumberton, South Carolina on my trip home from visiting Tallahassee earlier this month. The note said to take the duck with me on my travels and send the hotel manager photographs. In the lobby of that hotel is a photo album and people have sent photographs of their ducks from all over the world.  Unfortunately, there are also some pictures of people holding their ducks standing in front of a wall in their home. Obviously, the point was lost on a few people. 

Here is the bike fully loaded for the trip:


It ran beautifully, and while I do not like carrying this much stuff, a large portion of it is consumables and will disappear by the end of the trip, including four bricks of ramen noodles, 3 camp meals in a bag, several disposable ground liner drop cloths, and a bunch of plastic utensils, paper towels & plates, garbage bags and more.  Tomorrow (Thur) I will leave around 6:30am to go the 1/2 mile and cross into New Brunswick.  It should take me till late morning to get to Amherst, the first city in Nova Scotia and our likely camp site on Fundy Bay.

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