New Brunswick-Nova Scotia


I took this photo this morning at sunrise, looking out of the back of the motel I stayed in in Maine, over the water into Canada. About 7 a.m I rode across the water, presented my passport at the Saint Stephen border crossing, and was waved into the province of New Brunswick.  I continued following Andrew/MajorDilemma’s path and stopped at the ATM for local currency & coffee & WiFi at Tim Horton’s in town before heading off on the Trans Canada Highway. Saint Stephen is a very small sleepy town, despite it being on the border of the United States and being a international crossing.  I did not fill up with gas in town, as I had about 50 miles left in the tank and I didn’t foresee any trouble getting more gas. It was a bit of an exciting moment, as I ran down towards 20 miles left to go, pulled off the Trans-Canada Highway into a village to get more fuel. There is almost nothing in between St. Stephen in west NB and Moncton at the east end of NB except lovely coastal views.


Amherst, the first town in the province of Nova Scotia, came up quickly after Moncton and I pulled into the campsite where we’re supposed to rendezvous.  I turned on my phone, and uploaded were a series of text messages from Andrew that his bike wouldn’t start, and then he got somebody to give him a push start, and then his gears wouldn’t shift. He had already had the motorcycle towed to a repair shop, who diagnosed a broken shifter piece, and ordered a new one which would arrive in Moncton tomorrow, Friday, morning.  If all goes well, the part will arrive in Moncton tomorrow morning at 9:30. Andrew will pick it up in his rental car, only 15 minutes away from where we’re staying tonight, and drive the two hours back to Prince Edward Island, so the shop can repair his bike. Hopefully he will be able to leave Prince Edward Island by 2 p.m. tomorrow, and get back to Amherst by 4 or 5. Until he is safely on his bike and moving this way, I am reluctant to plan where we will be sleeping tomorrow night, although it might be here again, or in Port Hawkesbury at the bottom of Cape Breton a few hundred miles from here.

I have been just hanging around the campsite, chilling and relaxing.




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