Chicago, my kind of town

My cousin’s birthday is next week so I thought a run to Chicago to celebrate was in order.  It is only 800 miles each way but I will make a 2-day trip in each direction.  First stop is Corry, PA, home to 2 college friends.  What have I found out about Corry by searching the vastness of the internet? Here is one of the 12 Yelp reviews from the entire restaurant section: “Augie’s Pizza: A shining bright spot in a terrible little town. I’m so glad I moved away from that town the first chance I got, but I miss their pizza terribly. I’ve lived and traveled all over and I just can’t find pizza that compares. They have the perfect chewy crust, delicious sauce that’s not too sweet, and it oozes with cheese! I do get back to this wretched area from time to time and my visit isn’t complete without a trip to Augie’s!” It’s 375 miles to Corry, so I’ll use some time on the way to explore PA’s only National Forest, Allegheny National Forest:

There are plenty of trails and fire roads, even right there by the store.

15002319That Russell City Store is an old general store with non-electronic gas pumps that I will stop at once inside the Forest.  Aside from Augie’s Pizza and the motel I am staying in (a 5 room place above an antiques store on the main drag), there is a Honda-Suzuki dealer so I will stop in there and grab a quart of oil before checking into the motel.
Coming home a few days later, I’ll just hit some skeevy highway motel in PA around sunset.

Nothing really needs doing to the Tiger; I had the 18k mile service recently as well as new chain & sprockets.  Tires are under 5,000 miles.  It is using more oil than when new so I will likely need a quart along the 1,600 miles of this run. I am taking a few clothes in a back pack stored in the top box, my Chase Harper tank bag on the pillion seat filled with IMG_20130905_173526_653road gear, and the small, very inexpensive tank bag I bought recently which holds personal items.



I’ll also get to add three states to my dopey map avatar; Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. I could technically scoot over the border of Michigan for a gas stop but that really isn’t riding in Michigan, which ought to include Detroit.

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