Catching up

On November 7, three days after the prior post, I crashed the Tiger on a sheet of ice in the Allegheny National Forest. No big deal, small broken clavicle, but the bike was totaled financially due to frame damage.

Now that I am fully recovered, I went shopping for a deep winter deal on a leftover 2014 Tiger just as the new line of Tigers are being delivered (last week and this week to dealers).

As luck would have it, the 2nd-closest dealer of the four within 40 miles of home had just taken in a 5-month old, 1,900 mile 2014 XC (1.1″ taller than the written-off Roadie) that had been sold by one of the other four dealers and upon which the entire Triumph Accessories catalog had been dumped:  photo IMG_20150129_090217262_HDR_zps0jbf0rmp.jpg

OEM heated grips, front & rear fender extender, paint protection kit, center stand, fog lights & engine bars, a TouraTech headlight grill, a Leo Vince slip-on, Continental ‘Twinduro’ tires, and even the optimizer dongle. That is not including the full 3-box set totaling 96 liters of storage that are not pictured.

I am awaiting a clear day or two, maybe next week, to collect it and bring it the 15 miles home. We are still well-covered in ice and snow around the region and we all know what happen the last time I went ice riding…

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