Completing The Blue Ridge Parkway-it’s a bust!

As noted in previous posts, I had been on & off the Blue Ridge Parkway during a 2012 trip.  Now I was riding the missing length of the 469-mile BRP; from the Southern terminus in Cherokee, NC up to Roanoke, VA,

First, I wanted to go visit our son, who I haven’t seen since in four months.  I made a quick run to Tallahassee via boring ol’ 95, stopping once more at Pedro’s South Of The Border, which is just over the halfway mark at 620 of the exactly 1,100 miles.IMG_20150325_185121360_HDR

The next day I arrived in Tallahassee on Thursday afternoon, a 520 miler, and spent the weekend with the boy.  He rides an ’06 Suzuki GZ250 as his daily driver, all weather.

Monday morning I left after breakfast and went due north cutting through the Georgian countryside about 425 miles to the southern entrance of the BRP in Cherokee, NC.

The weather was beautiful and since I was moving at 65mph instead of 75, it was even more relaxed.

I spent the evening taking in Cherokee, NC., a nice reservation town with many craft and cultural things to see and do, though it was too cold/early in the year for much vigor in town yet.

Cherokee, NC

Cherokee, NC

I saw on the BRP real-time tracker closures that will prevent me riding the BRP: 11091352_10206535583487353_886747156_n 11092526_10206535583527354_1978546994_n 11130019_10206535583567355_528416506_n

At least I got a half a day riding up the Smoky Mtns, then half a day down:IMG_20150331_103805241_HDR_zpsa3rmgqv9

This is what the route became instead:Screenshot (8)

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3 Responses to Completing The Blue Ridge Parkway-it’s a bust!

  1. How’s the saddle of your Tiger on long days? You still have the stock seat right?

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