This week’s ride

Vincent (Frenchy) and I are taking in the season’s first Old Mine Road trip in two days.  Old Mine Road is America’s oldest commercial road and is only an hour west of NYC.  I learned to ride out here in the 1970s and this road, over 30 miles of countryside next to a small river, has only one stop sign the whole way.

We’ll stop first at the Chatterbox Drive-In, just 18 miles prior to OMR, for fuel & food.  The ChatterboxThis is another great NJ diner complete with South Jersey stock cars and more, and is a busy weekend stop.  Then it’s up the road a half hour to the northern entrance of Old Mine Road.  On a ride here about 3 years ago, MajorDilemma was riding his 2010 Bonneville SE, following me on my 2008 Bonneville Black, and ahead of Matt on his 2010 Street Triple, when he hit a pothole that was camouflaged by the leaf-shadows covering the road, and blew both tires without wrecking.   We’ll take it slow and I’ll lead since the winter may have left the road in any type of condition.  As we head south along the NJ/PA border, OMR ends at the Delaware Water Gap/Rt 80 crossing, we’ll cross the Delaware into PA and immediately leave Rt 80 to continue south on Rt 611/River Rd all the way to New Hope.

Screenshot (10)

The whole day is 250 miles and should be about 10am-4pm.  Ride report to follow.

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