Summer road trip: Nova Scotia do-over

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After missing last year’s 7th annual Bennington Triumph Bash, the gang are returning this year.  We attended the 4th, 5th, and 6th Bash, held each year the final weekend in May.  This year, about 7 of us are going up, including a first-timer, Frenchy.  About half of us will go up Friday and the others early Saturday.


Fundy Bay, NS

After riding around Vermont for a few days, Chris and his Tiger 1050 and me on the new Tiger XC will head to Nova Scotia to try to complete the Cape Breton trip I didn’t finish last year or the year before.  The first attempt two years ago was four of us but only 3 passports so we turned it into a New Englnd ride for several days instead.  Last year, forgotton-passport guy brought his passport but a break-down in Canada and the delay in repairing cut into my timing, not to mention I was getting sick, so after making it to Amherst, NS, I returned home.

This time we will again stop at the scuzzy motel in Maine at the border and cross the next morning, getting all the way to New Glasgow via the Fundy Bay coastal ride and the North Coast by Monday night.  Tuesday and Wednesday will be touring around the island’s famous Cabot Trail before heading back west towards the NH White Mountains for a day.  It will be 9 nights out. The two nights at the top of Cape Breton are in a rustic cabin, no services, but the other nights are in a hotel to minimize the issues related to weather.  Plans include lobster, fishing, whale watching, and lobster.
Each day is no more than 430 miles, and that is the day we leave Bennington to ride to the Maine border, plus the next day, covering most of the width of Nova Scotia along both main roads and waterside back roads.

I am going to try to be lightly packed, with a sleeping bag for the cabin and my clothes and camera in the large left pannier, my Chase Harper tank bag within the top box, and the right, thin pannier holding my rain suit, Gerbing controller and gloves, Frogg Togg towel, spare leather gloves, & several rolled plastic drop cloths for either bike covers or ground cloths when camping.  In the little engine-bar bags I bought on a Tiger forum I keep some more drop cloths, some tools, a large cloth bag, and some snacks.  This setup keeps everything but the engine-bar bags under lock and key.  I can and often do put the Chase Harper tank bag either on the tank or passenger seat while riding to free up room for firewood, beverages, etc.image


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