A week from today the whole gang rides up to beloved Bennington, VT for the Eighth Annual Bennington Triumph Bash.  This year’s t-shirt was designed by Wendy with help from the forum members as art directors.

imageOur unofficial leader, Dave, who founded the NYC Triumph and Brit Bike Riders, is actually going up on Thursday in his T100/Cozy sidecar to make camp at the campground about 9 miles outside town. Adam and I are the second wave Friday morning followed by Chris Friday evening then Matt & Frenchy at dawn Saturday. It is only a bit over 3 hours so they will be there in time to ride Saturday. Matt and Frenchy are also camping but everyone else is in the same motel. The Bash website has been crashing on and off for weeks as the server is in a bad location and is always overheated. It may be irrelevant since the shirt orders, dinner payments, and any other booked events are closed now so all we need to do is arrive and ride.

After two days of Green Mountain beauty, Chris and I continue north following Sunday breakfast good-byes to the rest of the crew. We have a long ride to the Canadian border but only about 3 hours is Route 95; the rest are slow country routes west-to-east through VT, NH, and Maine.

I am traveling light as usual since we are not tenting.  Two night are booked in an unserviced cabin on the water of Dingwall, Cape Breton so I do have a very small but warm sleeping bag, tech towel for showers, liquid soap, and fire ribbon for the firepit outside the cabin.  A couple of extra clothes (just one extra dry outfit to change into after rain), camera stuff, and not much else.  Everything but the helmet can get safely locked in the boxes and the 2 engine-bar bags contain no valuables in case of rain or theft:image

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