Anatomy of The Dragon

2012: Tail of the Dragon on the Bonneville with Andrew;



2013: Tail visit again with Frenchy, Andre, and Antonio, this time with blue Tiger;



2014: Tail again for IBA BunBurner 1500 with Frenchy, Matt & Ariel;BB1500-36-STICKER

2015: Back of The Dragon & Tail of The Dragon with Rob in two weeks!

We have four days to hit four legendary motorcycling roads.  Here is the plan:

Day 1: NNJ to Tazewell, VA.Day 1 Depart NNJ early and arrive at northern entrance of Skyline Drive at noon (5 hours).  Ride Skyline south all 105 miles (finish by 4pm). Ride another 180 miles of slab south to Tazewell, then 23 miles into the country for our motel (8pm), near the north end of Back of The Dragon. While this is a very long day (5am-8pm, 560 miles, about 1/3 of the entire trip) & the trip’s longest, it is good to make the big move early with full energy. Four of the 15 hours are stops and three are at 35mph max.

Day 2: Back of the Dragon- We wake up to 30 miles of zig-zagging mountain ridges right from the motel’s door south back to the highway for another four hours of slab to Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Tail of The Dragon.  We’ll ride the Tail several times, get our stickers, then head to the Dragon Pitt Inn & BBQ, 9 miles north of the Tail.  Probably an early night hanging at the Pitt.  Total miles: under 300.

Route 16, the Back of The Dragon.  30 miles of switchbacks & elevation.

Route 16, the Back of The Dragon. 30 miles of switchbacks & elevation.

Day 2

Day 2

Screenshot (35)

Day 3

Day 3:  We take a last southbound run over the Tail and ride a riverside lane 18 miles south to the eastern entrance of the Cherohala Skyway.  We’ll take the 55 miles of elevation and switchbacks west to the highway then ride 6 hours north again to sleep at the southern entrance of Skyline Drive. A 500 mile day but pleasant morning at low speed.

Day Four: Reverse of Day 1; ride Skyline Drive north at sunrise then 5 hours of highway to be home by dinner.  Total anticipated miles: c. 1,670.

Total trip

Total Ride Map

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