Tigers in the wild


Over 100 liters of storage!

Rob & I happen to be on a pair of ’14 Triumph Tiger 800 XC for this trip; he has several bikes. With a 200 mile range, we stop about every 3 hours for fuel & a stretch.

Rob's 50 liter Adventure Tail Bag

Rob’s 50 liter Adventure Tail Bag

We have more than enough luggage each for such a brief trip. With the heat, Gerbings aren’t aboard but the Frogg Togg towel and the CamelBak are in season. The capricious weather in Great Smoky Mountains National Park dictates a few thin plastic dropcloths for night time bike covers from rain as well as toting a rain suit. Snack bars, as there’s little food on Skyline or the Dragons. Probably leave the panniers home & go topbox and mini-tankbag.  Really most is electronic; GPS, GoPro, Mophie, phone and several cables & plugs.

Those engine-bar bags come to about 7 liters each, I guess, and hold alot of the space-consuming lightweight items that formerly congested the topbox; rags,  the aforementioned .5mm plastic dropcloths, extra gloves, zipties, extra waterproof 24 liter bag rolled & ready, bungies, a cargo net & more.

I cut a gallon water bottle so 3/4 remained and it made a sturdy wall and floor.  Now the bag retains its shape for better use.  Did both bags.


Here is our route in full; over 1,600 miles.  We may leave a half day early to be at Skyline Drive north entrance in the morning.Screenshot (37)

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