Day 3: Blue Ridge Parkway

In our group of New York City Brit-bike riders is a Eastern European transplant with several bikes; he’s in his mid-twenties. His comment about the Blue Ridge Parkway was he got antsy going 45 miles per hour for so long and had to return the highway to get his 6th gear on.  Not me.

4 big baggers pulled up to my window after I was asleep; never heard a thing.

4 big baggers pulled up to my window after I was asleep; never heard a thing.


Mabry Mill


Appalachian Trail

We left the Dragon Pitt Inn after a night of rain and took the damp farm road to the highway. 250 miles later we were at the Fancy Gap entrance, mile 200, of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We got on the Parkway at about 1:30 and road for about 45 minutes until we got to the Mabry Mill restaurant.  After some lunch and a walk around the complex, we got back on the BRP and rode until milepost 25, where I had nearly run out of gas, so we exited and took the highway the final 25 miles to the hotel. Along the way we stopped at the intersection of the BRP and the Appalachian Trail, as well as many other beautiful overlooks into the Shenandoah Valley.  It was a great day of riding and we were all surprised at how there were no other cars, bikes, or campers on the Parkway in August. We had it nearly to ourselves but for a few roadside deer.IMG_20150811_172332333

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