Last Day: Skyline Drive

Skyline southern entryWe hopped on Skyline Drive northbound about 8:30 am and enjoyed very light traffic the entire 105 miles.  There were a few morning exercise enthusiastswavin bicycling as well as motorcyclists and it was so dry and clear it was chilly up there that early.

Heated grips were deployed in August, in Virginia.  We made a few stops to admire the views and take some pictures.  Skyline Drive vistaAll of a sudden we were finished with the fun part of the trip and now faced five hours of highway home.  My total smileage was 1,855 and the Tiger crossed 8,000 on the way home.

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1 Response to Last Day: Skyline Drive

  1. Ry Austin says:

    Ha, “smileage”… I hadn’t heard that one before. I love it–a great expression for any great day of riding.

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