XC reborn

Afterimage waiting all summer for my replacement frame to arrive, my bike is finally finished.  Aside from the frame, just a few bent and broken accessories were the damage from my May 31 dirt wreck.  They were all replaced in time for my ride to the Dragons in August but now I have my lovely 2014 Tiger 800 XC, almost 9,000 miles in essentially three months of riding, in brand-new condition.  It was a trip to Tallahassee in April then the Dragons run that ran it up to this point (I bought it in Feb ’15  w/ 1,940 on the clock, used a mere 100 days by the previous owner).

There is enough rubber left on the Pirelli Scorpion Trails to get to Florida and then some, probably to coincide with the 12,000 mile service all around January.  The four day trip starts in 6 days; a simple 300 mile half-day; two 40mph days on Skyline and BRP; then a 430-miler of slabs all day to Tally.

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