An open-ended adventure

It has been about three months since I rode the Tiger down to Florida, and now the next phase of our lives begins.

My amazing wife has retired after a distinguished 35 years in television and we have closed up our Manhattan apartment to travel the US for the next few years. We leave next week.12356915_10208399603646692_2183693445607108898_o

The January plan is to drive the East coast visiting friends and family down to Florida and check out some towns we haven’t been to, like Savannah, GA and Anna Maria Island, FL. We’ll collect the Tiger in Tallahassee on the way out of Florida in mid-January and then we begin touring the USA in tandem; my wife in our newly-leased Ford Escape and me on the Tiger.

The idea is to not use the car once we’ve landed in a place we’ll be staying in a few days or more (Tallahassee, Austin, Santa Fe, etc) and just tour the locale on the Tiger or our road bicycles. Our bikes and attendant gear are in the Ford along with a few clothes, linens, laptops, Wendy’s motorcycle gear, and some other bits and bobs.IMG_20151230_105406188

We are very excited and although Wendy has seen a great deal of the US via her touring on the PGA, Monday Night Football, Triple Crown races, three Olympics and more, all for ABC. I have limited motorcycle travel experience West of the Mississippi, though I did recently cross the US in the modern version of The Cannonball Run.

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