A Taste of the Ozarks

The Ozarks lie just south of border of Missouri in northwest Arkansas. We spent a day crossing from Oxford, MS into and across Arkansas and west into the eastern side of the Ozarks. We have avoided interstate and hi-speed roads, favoring parkways and blue roads for the beauty and peaceful riding.

There are dramatic scenes as the mountains rise. IMG_20160314_133713269

We pulled into biker-friendly Eureka Springs:IMG_20160315_153430660

This was a fun place to post-up for three nights; sort of a hippy-tourist place but all hills, twisties, and views. The State of Arkansas publishes a very nice motorcycle touring guide, even with dual-sport rides!

IMG_20160316_203626421IMG_20160316_203543965We rode around the AR-MO border then headed into Missouri for a few days. We stayed in Ste. Genevieve, a very old (oldest in MO) town along the Mississippi. We left on The Great River Road, crossing into IL, then KY and finally TN. It was all backroads and farm roads to get through the 4 states and only took about 5 hours with stops, cruising along at about 50mph most of the way.IMG_20160317_172720456

The Tiger is approaching 14,000 smiles though I have only had it 13 months and didn’t ride it for 6 of those months between the frame replacement and being away from the bike Oct-Jan. Tomorrow we continue East towards Cherokee, NC and the Blue Ridge Parkway.


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