Northwestern Florida

Having beat the paths of Florida’s Gulf Coast all winter, I decided to spend a few days between the Apalachicola National Forest and Florida’s northern borders.

It was a good opportunity for my brother to field test his repairs to his recently acquired 1995 BMW R1100GS.


I left the beach at St Augustine around 7am to beat the heat and took 200 miles of back roads West, arriving in Tallahassee by noon. I wore a Camelbak and used it often. Also, a wet Frogg Togg towel under a vented jacket. Nice.

Took off from Tally and headed west an hour to Torreya State Park. As we approached the park a lightning bolt split the sky, a tree went down a few hundred yards ahead into the road, and the rain began. We turned and headed back. We cleared the cloud in a few miles and stopped at a gas station for a drink. When we came out, two goats were suddenly there with no one chasing after them.IMG_20160626_155034947

We rode around the countryside for a while more then called it a day.

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1 Response to Northwestern Florida

  1. Ry Austin says:

    The goats weren’t, by chance, hallucinations induced by heat exhaustion, were they?… 😉

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