gatorIt has been a while since posting so here is the last few weeks.

I’ve jumped back into an online Tiger Tag forum and collected/issued about six tag challenges this month, including this local lad.

We had Hurricane Matthew come through. Mrs. K and I did a few sessions of volunteer work on the Tiger doing welfare checks and more. I found a flood-carried Yamaha sport-tourer on its side and righted it. The young lady of the house was really grateful as she was supposed to look after it for her father-in-law but it was in a heavily-damaged area so what can you do? This misparked fishing boat was nearby, the river is far to the right:312

Here is the club I played drums in three nights before the storm:sta





I’ve found a reliable though expensive ($125/hour in Gainesville seems high) authorized Triumph dealer about 75 miles west in Gainesville and had a good experience on my 18k service (an advanced oil change and deep inspection on wear). The price may have me shopping the 24k service though; an overnight visit with head-off inspection of valves, often a $1,200 experience to learn ‘all is ok!’. Might just do an oil change since the warranty just expired. Two of the four localish dealers recently dropped Triumph (Daytona and Orlando) but Jacksonville is not well-reviewed online. I am sure Daytona, a well-reputed dealer that I have been to often will certainly still do the work.

We crossed 19,000 sMiles today (in 19 months) as part of a 600 mile weekend that took me across Florida to Tallahassee, then south to Disney. I’ve brought both my Bonneville and Tiger multiple times into the WDW resorts for visits and the roads there are pretty nice of course. I am at home for 48 hours then off on the Turkey Run; three hours of back roads to meet my nephew for a celebratory lunch (new job) in Orlando then off to Vero Beach to sleep over at friends before a three hour Thanksgiving morning ride south to Broward County for turkey subs.

It is great riding through the Ocala National Forest. Route 19 splits through it, no traffic, lots of passing lanes in case, few animals, and a nice little place in the middle for coffee. Riding in Orlando metro is a light-to-light borefest but I’m looking forward to seeing the nephew. Then more forest and back roads to continue south. I have avoided interstates for a few months and enjoy every mile on better quality roads with less traffic.

The heated grips went on this weekend, and I switched from the vented summer jacket to the heavier winter garb. I will also roll out the Gerbings this week. Winter Is Coming.


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