Micanopy Melt

A quiet 75 miles to our west lies the village of Micanopy, FL. My cousin tipped me off to the place; it is over 8 miles from the main road. The ‘old Florida’ theme abounds in these wide spots that occupy intersecting state roads among the thousands of square miles of farms between St Augustine and Gainesville. I passed the potato farms first, where Lay’s has sourced their product from towns like Vermont Heights, Hastings, and Spuds for over 50 years. After crossing the St. Johns River in Palatka (a mecca of Old Florida kitsch) I continued through the farms and arrived in Micanopy in time for lunch at Old Florida Café.

Grilled cheese is the hot item (a-thank you) and there are many permutations on tomato, bacon, and the various cheese and bread choices.

The traffic was light and the temp in the low 70s, so I made a few stops for photos. Rever counted a little over 4 hours and 149 miles round trip.


2 cafes, 2 bric-a-brac shoppes, an art gallery


Micanopy Historical Society

A little video of my arrival into the 200 yards of town:





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1 Response to Micanopy Melt

  1. Ry Austin says:

    Nothin’ beats a good grilled cheese sandwich and storefronts on old main streets…

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