Ormond Nature Loop

One of the nicest local rides is the Ormond Nature Loop. Begin on A1A along the Atlantic and enter on High Bridge Rd (signposted). It takes you through some natural water filled with heron and more. This will be packed next month at Daytona Bike Week.

The Tiger has been a champ lately. I had a flat on a 500 miler just 40 miles from home on return. It got slippery on 95 and I got right off, rode to the nearest gas station, luckily about 10 miles from a until-recently Triumph dealer.

No nail or screw, just slowly went flat:


My Garmin Nuvi 550  GPS, which I’ve had since 2010 and rode over 40,000 miles with, has finally bit the dust. It has been held together with medical tape but the USB port finally died and Garmin doesn’t want to know about the relic so I bought one in good shape (hopefully) with 2016 map updates from the Electronic Bay. I tried a month or two of using my Droid, which died too quickly and was tough to read, and paper-in-the-tank-bag-map-sleeve, but finally broke down to the familiarity of the Nuvi 550.

I passed 21,000 miles yesterday, and have owned the bike for 21 months. I have averaged 1,000 miles/month for about 6 years now.

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