Independence Day run to Key West

When  a fellow NYC RAT called to say he was riding down to Key West, would I like to join him over July Fourth weekend, I had reservations on the traffic level, not to mention the heat. He arrives on his custom-cafed Bonneville (he wrenches all himself in his Queens garage) on July 2 to sleep at our place in St. Augustine.

We leave early the next day to make it all the way to Key Largo and sleep in a NJ RAT‘s home July 3. The Fourth is a mere two hours through the Keys to our AirBnB on Summerland Key, 25 miles up from Key West. We can check in then head down to the southernmost point in the continental US for dinner and fun.

Heat like we have in southern Florida in July will be difficult on the long first day. We have Frogg-Togg towels, vented jackets, Camelbak bladders, and we’ll make frequent stops. We will ride along the ocean breeze until we get to Palm Beach County and the traffic of southern Florida, so we’ll cut west to Lake Okeechobee and south to the Keys and US1 again.

14192530_10155163352479377_8167153507951989319_n (2)

multi-first place winning cafe

The only downside of his café racer is the lack of luggage. He refuses to compromise the look even just for trips to add bags. That means that his fellow riders, in this case your humble reporter, will carry his possessions among the Tiger’s ample 110 liters of locked storage.

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3 Responses to Independence Day run to Key West

  1. MotoADVR says:

    Love it! I can’t wait to ride that causeway. I also have to admit I’m in the final steps of adding a “bag” to the side of my bike. I share your buddy’s attitude… but function has finally won me over…

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