Caminho do Mar

We land in Lisbon mid-September and begin our Caminho from the Se Cathedral on the Autumnal Equinox. As many but not all peregrinos do, we will board a train in Lisbon that will take us for about 30 minutes to the outskirts of the city, thus bypassing two days of walking through industrial parks, commercial ports, train yards, and warehouses. We are taking a customized version of the western route out of Lisbon, so as to remove the primitive camping along many stretches of coast. Avoiding a few camping days means no carrying camping gear.

After training to Cascais the first morning we then spend the rest of the day walking north into the giant national park and passing by many of the medieval castles that still occupy the area. Leg 1 continues for about a week:

We’re likely to take a rest day in the famous surfing beach Nazare:

followed by a second week+ to get to Porto:

We will certainly spend two nights in Porto, and that fits nicely with our idea of a rest day every seven or eight days. Many pilgrims begin in Porto, and there are three well-travelled routes to SdC from there; Littoral (on the beach/boardwalks), Coastal (slightly inland seaside towns with paths and walkways), and Central (inland with elevation). We’re planning on Littoral and we will be seeing more pilgrims in front and behind as we get closer to SdC.


Here is a nice page that describes the final leg of almost two weeks, Porto to Santiago de Compostela.

In total, it should be 600 kilometers/375 miles of walking over about five weeks.

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