Roll Call: Gear Edition

Among among our friends and family, the number one topic of discussion as we prepare is about gear.

QC-GlacierAs mentioned in an earlier post, we have a single Jandd 30 liter pack that was Wendy’s triathlon bag when she competed (it held bike gloves, helmet, glasses, swim gear, etc):

We also acquired a dry sack of the same size due to the amount of sweat that seeped through the backpack during practice walks.wp-image--886937765 This dry sack, also 30 liters, has its own shoulder straps if you wanted to use it alone and came with a phone dry case.

In those two side pouches we stored a pair of headlamps in case of very early morning departures before sunrise, two high intensity mini flashlights for navigating our way around different rooms every night, a camping-style clothes-drying line for the room at night, sporks for dining al fresco during the long days in between towns, zip-loc bags of several sizes, a single painting tarp ($3 from the hardware store) in case of getting caught in a major downpour with no shelter, and other small gubbins. In the main pack is a windbreaker each as our foul weather piece, bathroom kits, and a single change of clothes each. The bottom unzips so we can store or ‘evening’ non-trail shoes there. Speaking of shoes, we went with the Merrell Moab 2 WTP. The WTP is for waterproof. I wore a Moab 2 WTP on my left foot and a standard Moab 2 on my right foot and walked around the store. Two totally different shoes, the WTP feeling much fuller and more stable to me.

Wendy will be carrying a Camelbak of water every morning when we head out, and that has a few pockets in it to hold snacks for the frequent picnics.

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