Our Way

Here is our daily walking plan for our personal Caminho from Cascais to Porto. It is 16 walking days but 17 days total with the rest day in Nazare. We will also spend a second night in the large city of Porto (about half the size of Lisbon). From Porto, we no longer need to create our own Caminho and will take the well-marked littoral way to Santiago de Compostela.

Day 1: 22km:

Day 2: 23km (45km total):

Day 3: 23km (68km total):

Day 4: 30km (98km total)

Day 5: 7km (105km total)

(Google Maps was being difficult creating Days 4 & 5 so they have links instead)

Day 6: 21km (126km total):

Day 7: 14km (140km total):

Day 8: 34km (174km total) This is a big day but we’ll spend two nights in Nazare to celebrate and recover from Week 1 so we’re hoping to be well-rested:

Day 9: 31km (205km total):

Day 10: 31km (236km total)

Day 11: 25km (261km total)

Day 12: 30km (291km total):

Day 13: 15km (314km total):

Day 14: 14km (328km total):

Day 15: 31 km (359km total):

Day 16: 20km (379km total): Arrival in Porto!

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