Short first Caminho day

Both my own observation through Google Maps as well as advice from some seasoned pilgrims sent Wendy and I to the Lisbon train station to take a 30-minute ride west out of the industrial areas surrounding Lisbon to the lovely beach town of Estoril.

We walked the seaside boardwalk/promenade filled with locals and tourists doing morning constitutionals, bike tours, and enjoying the warm morning sun.


We have a coffee and water rest at the legendary Boca do Inferno, calm at low tide:


A few more miles and we arrived at our only luxury hotel on the Caminho, inside the park we need to cross tomorrow.


Our short mileage today (9) allowed us time in the spa, pool, & restaurant. The amazing concierge Pedro advised us that the route tomorrow is straight up the mountain, and wouldn’t we rather let him take our 25lb pack to the next hotel in Sintra, so we could ride the hotel’s electric bicycles to the top of the mountain? He’ll collect them tomorrow night. Don’t judge. The Caminho provides.

After a refreshing snack, we went into Cascais for their annual Festival Lumina:


This was one of 20 outdoor installations just for the weekend, 130 repurposed washing machine drums strung up in front of a church.

Cascais (kish-kysh) is like Southampton, NY or Palm Beach, FL; well-to-do locals, tourists, beaches.

An amazing day, and if you get to Lisbon, visit Cascais, and Pedro.


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3 Responses to Short first Caminho day

  1. Sandy says:

    I am trying to follow along using the John Brierley book. The two towns you mention I can’t find (Estoril and Cascais). Are you using a different guide? I’m finding this guide hard to follow. Thanks for taking the time to document your journey.

    • Thank you for reading my post Sandy. We made our own version of what is referred to as the Caminho Do Mar. Most of the people, and there are very few at this point, who have done this route, which follows the coastline west out of Lisbon then north towards Spain, have camped, which we did not want to do.
      Far and away, the most popular route out of Lisbon is on the Central Route, through Fatima, then Porto.
      We were told by one of the moderators on the Camino forum, Peregrina 2000, that we are one of the early adventurers on this route and that several people are following us online in anticipation of possibly taking this route themselves.
      Follow my wife’s blog too, more pics than mine:

      Bom Caminho!

  2. Who would judge? When I was on the Camino Frances last year my motto was, walk the Camino at all times, when necessary, use wheels. Everyone has their own Camino, enjoy yours!

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