When in Porto, drink port

We arrived by train after failing to blaze a new route along the Lisbon-to-Porto coastline that didn’t involve camping or busy road-walking.

Porto straddles the Rio Douro though most of the city is on the north side of the river. Half the size of Lisbon, I would call it steeper, meaning a larger percentage of the streets are higher-degree grades than Lisbon, and there is a lower percentage of streets at sea-level. If you didn’t have quads of steel before you visited Porto, you will when you leave.

We hit the highlights on our two day visit prior to walking the Senda Litoral route of the Caminho Portuguese. Sampling port wines, pastries, cod, and Francesina (a multi-meat/stromboli lasagna) were among our culinary delights.

The Cathedral, synagogue, and other churches are lovely and we collected carimbos for our compostelas.

We added 10 miles each day, plus hundreds of flights of stairs to our ‘health app’ log visiting bookstores, the university, gardens, and tiles in their various locations (train stations, churches, etc are home to major historical tile murals).

University uniforms that inspired Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling:

We found Porto more enjoyable than Lisbon; closer to Greenwich Village verses Lisbon’s midtown feel.

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