Foot fault

We left Porto Friday morning at 8 in good spirits for the well-trodden Senda Litoral route. True enough, there was no difficulty keeping the Rio Douro on our left and we took a coffee & pastel de nata break as we turned the corner north near Matosinhos.

Enjoying the quaint fishing villages and mercado as we progressed north, we saw more Caminho signs but few peregrinos; only nine others the whole day.

I had mild discomfort from some bandaging on a toe but no pain.

We stopped often for snacks and fresh water, and finished in Vila do Conde at a great guest house 30km from Porto. The boardwalk was nearly all the way after Matosinhos.

Sadly, I discovered three newly-destroyed right-foot toes to go with the single toe injury I acquired between Lisbon and Porto. I won’t darken your day with the details, but having four decommissioned toes on one foot, and one being especially nasty, ended my Caminho for now. My wife consoled me though I am incredibly disappointed by so small an injury halting something we had planned and looked forward to all summer.

We enjoyed a nice stay and dinner in Vila do Conde, a small town with an ancient aqueduct.

We’ll tour by train for a week then head home to recover.

We hope to return to Vila do Conde and resume our Caminho some day soon.

Thanks for following and Ultreia to all you peregrinos out there.

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3 Responses to Foot fault

  1. Candice says:

    So sorry you guys.. get home safe and please me know if I can get your from the Airport…doesn’t matter which one.

  2. patti debuck says:

    I am coming in late to your blog as we are considering the Portugues route for next fall. I wonder how you are feeling now that you are back home. In that you made the attempt you did a adventurous thing and I hope that is comforting. SO many people would never want or be able to take the risk of a trip. Do you think your foot problem is the result of the route being too rugged? We did the Camino Frances in September ’16 but only the 1 week version and our gear was transported to the next stop. I know some consider this not a true pilgrimage it allowed us to finish the week and age 65 it was challenging enough. So I hope you take heart and hold your head high for each adventure has its value. Buen Camino!

    • Thank you for your thoughts. The route was not rugged at all, we were on the senda littoral and walking on the boardwalk was very easy. It got a little too tight in one of my shoes when my feet were swollen and I lost a few toenails. My other foot had a little stress fracture from jumping around some boulders probably. I am pretty used to adventuring and have had no troubles with my feet before so it was a surprise. After a week of lower mileage, just four or five miles per day, I was feeling better. We are returning in May to complete the Caminho from Villa do Conde to Santiago. I will simply buy a slightly larger pair of shoes. That should do it. Ultria!

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