Camino Complete and some Compostela Comradery

The end of a 23 day, 420 mile hike!

U.S. by us

This morning we awoke with the roosters. No worries, all animals were accounted for; we had salad for dinner. Our final walk began early. We left as the sun was cresting the tree tops. The six-plus mile walk was mostly uphill and mostly anticlimactic. Although the first mile or so continued on country roads, we once again walked close to busy roads and, as we got close to the suburbs of Santiago, it was a city pattern of walking.Eventually we arrived at the historic district and saw the spires of the Cathedral. There are drummers, bagpipes, cheers, tears and clapping as pilgrims from every European route (the French Way, El Norte, Camino Primitivo, the two Portugese variations and more) enter the Obradorio Plaza.In the center of the plaza is a scallop shell plaque. There are a lot of reuniting hugs and emotional tears, giant smiles and lots and lots…

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