Lovely Lisboa on a Leisurely Sunday

U.S. by us

Today we took a long walk along the Tagus River. Yesterday, along with the thousands of girls waiting for a concert, there were thousands of people walking around with flags of all nations like superhero capes. My optimism had me believing Lisbon was a peace loving capital city accepting all nations with open arms, encouraging everyone to proudly where their country’s flag. Maybe that is true, but, all those people were here for Eurovision. This is a singing competition that can be compared to the World Cup where the fans are involved. It is hosted by the prior year’s winner’s country’s capital city each year. The fínale was last night and Israel’s singer Netta was the winner. This morning, although we saw no more superhero-flag capes, we passed the Eurovision village by the river and many people wearing Eurovision t-shirts.We walked by, around and under the Elevador de…

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