The Ape Caves…no monkey business

U.S. by us

Mount St. Helens is a somewhat dormant volcano. It last erupted in 2008; more memorable was the deadly eruption in May, 1980.A discovery of lava tubes near Mount St. Helens was made in 1947. The Ape Cave dates back almost 2,000 years. A youth group named the St. Helens Apes were the first to explore and navigate the caves (the caves/tubes were named for them). Today, these pitch black caves can be experienced by anyone with a bright light. There are two caves to explore. The lower cave is shorter and easier (that we did). It has a few interesting features including what they call a meatball and train tracks. Unfortunately, my flash and my flashlight were unable to capture a photo of them. The tunnel descends for three quarters of a mile and gets narrow in areas. It is sort of onion shaped with textured volcanic walls, rocky…

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