Pioneers from Hells Canyon, Oregon to the Moon Craters of Idaho

U.S. by us

The eastern Oregon landscape is astounding. The canyons are very deep, carved by the Snake River. There are lush verdant valleys and stark hillsides of mountains. We headed up from the base of Hells Canyon, which is America’s deepest river gorge, to Flagstaff Hill, in Baker City, Oregon. The National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center is located here. There are terrific exhibits explaining every aspect of the journey of over 300,000 pioneers, explorers and miners who headed west.Outside the Center are replica wagons set in a typical circle corral around fire pits. It is easy to locate the still-existing imprints of the sets of wagon wheel ruts left by the thousands of travelers to the Pacific Northwest. There are several trails from the center that lead to viewpoints and historic sites. It is easy to lose track of time and get caught up in the trails history here.

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