Close encounters with Devils Tower Monument

U.S. by us

Why the devil is there no apostrophe, you ask. This is an issue with many National Parks, Monuments, Mountains and Islands. The U.S. Board on Geographical Names, established in 1890 by President Harrison, decided that the need to imply possession no longer exists. To this day there have only been five exceptions. Devils Tower is not one of these. (Martha’s Vineyard, Ike’s Point, John E’s Pond, Carlos Elmer’s Joshua View and Clark’s Mountain are the five).

Our first view of this amazing stone came about as we turned a corner close to 20 miles from the entrance. Devils Tower is in the northeast corner of Wyoming near the Montana and South Dakota borders in the Bear Lodge Mountains which are part of the Black Hills. Devils Tower has legend and Native American lore and history attached to it’s geological wonder. It is composed of igneous rock (formed through…

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