A mosaic journey across southern Sicily

U.S. by us

An early departure from Agrigento was necessary to pack in a day of mosaic and ceramic wonder. We drove past fields of almond trees, artichoke, honeydew melon and prickly pears on our way to the Villa Romana del Casale.

The impressive Villa is near the center of Sicily and was discovered/uncovered in the 1930s. Built in the early part of the fourth century, the mosaics are astonishing and the villa is sprawling. Each room’s floor is decorated with scenes and intricate patterns. A central mosaic runs the length of the main hallway, about 60 meters, and depicts the capture of wild animals and their journey by ship to Rome. Another well-preserved floor shows women participating in sports wearing bikini-style athletic clothing, as beach volleyball players currently wear. The original intensity of the colors must have been remarkable considering that even faded, they are spectacular.A medieval town located near…

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