Just another… brick in the road

Calling all dirt bikes!

U.S. by us

A crisp, clear January day was the impetus to explore the Old Brick Road. There is a ten-ish mile section of Old Dixie Highway that is a drop off the beaten path, bordered by a scrub forest in Flagler County, Florida.The original Dixie Highwayproject brought together private industry and state governments to create a network of roads which would connect ten states with more than 5,000 miles of paved road.The portion of the original Dixie Highway we visited was completed in 1916. It is a stretch of red-brick road that brought a stream of tourists from as far as Chicago to the tropics of Florida. By 1926 however, US Highway 1, a more efficient, paved multi-lane road, was completed and the Old Brick Road instantly became obsolete.Today, it is one of the few remaining original sections of highway and it attracts very few tourists. It is…

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