Day 2: Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway

It was cool and foggy when the Sun started peeking through at 7 30. By 8 o’clock, you could tell it would break apart. I got on to Skyline Drive just after 8, and true to prior experiences, the first 25 or 30 miles of climbing were dark and cool with lots of fog.IMG_20151005_091255961 Eventually, maybe two hours later, the Sun and wind had broken up the cloud cover enough to have dried the road and warmed up the peaks.  I rode south for the next 195 miles, stopping often to take photographs, stretch my legs, and just admire the peace and quiet of the view.IMG_20151005_101109647 At about BRP mile 91(my mile 200 today) as I headed south on the Blue Ridge Parkway, the road was closed. The National Park Service employees had done yeoman’s work overnight clearing Skyline Drive and a large portion of the Blue Ridge, but the next 20 miles were still in bad shape. The Sun was starting to sink at this point, so I went down the switchbacks to the highway and rode about 90 minutes south on Route 81 before getting back on the Blue Ridge Parkway to ride to my destination for the evening, the Lonesome Pine Cabins in Fancy Gap, VA, at about mile 200.


The Chicken House

I am staying in a former chicken coop, now a beautiful cabin with a hot tub and all the amenities.

Must have been some big chicken : /

Must have been some big chicken : /

Today’s planned route w/o detour:

Skyline Dr & the northern 200 miles of the BRP

Skyline Dr & the northern 200 miles of the BRP


Tomorrow I plan to conplete the remaining 269 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway and stop at its terminus in Cherokee, NC.

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